CARFAC Maritimes Initiatives

Best Practices Guidelines for Visual Artists in the Maritimes 

The goal of the project is to research, develop, negotiate, and agree upon ethical standards for use by the Maritimes visual arts sector, in order to encourage sustainable working partnerships.

Industry standard “Best Practices” are guidelines and procedures for working relationships involving professional artists, and create a climate of mutual understanding between artists in the Maritimes, and private and public users of our creative work.

Gallery Survey

The CARFAC Maritimes Gallery Survey contains information on artist-run centres, public, commercial, school & university galleries, art centres and co-op galleries throughout the Maritime Provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Artists may find this guide useful when planning their marketing strategies and deciding where and how to submit their work for exhibition and/or sale. It is also a beneficial tool for galleries, dealers, government agencies, collectors and the general public when assessing the market and finding a source for the artwork created in our provinces.

Canadian Artists' Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens