Mélanie Parent

Art and visual expression was always at the core of who Mélanie Parent is. As a child her biggest pleasure was sitting down at a table with paint, paper and pencils. There are accounts that she often even sleepwalked looking for her paint and pencils. 

After Visual Arts at University of Moncton, Melanie kept up with her practice for almost twenty years for the sheer joy of it, in a more private manner. Her work became more traditional and then more impressionistic. She was enjoying painting for the love of painting. 

Recently she has made the decision to focus on her art career as a business while balancing family life in her hometown of Campbellton, NB.

As an artist, Mélanie is fascinated with the expression of the figure, and the profound human experience. These are the most important aspect of the artist’s work. She takes her characters and transports them in a timeless universe where the only thing that exist is a memory, an emotion and an impression of the moment. Her work is often symbolic and reflective.