EB House Residency (September 2018)

The EB House Committee of the Saint James Church of Great Village Preservation Society is now accepting applications for a two week residency at the EB House from September 16th to September 29th, 2018.

“Bishop’s connection to this house began early in life. One of her first memories was learning to walk in her grandmother’s kitchen. By April 1915 she and her widowed mother, Gertrude Bulmer Bishop, were resident in the village. In this house Bishop experienced the most formative event of her life, the breakdown of her mother in 1916: ‘She stood in the large front bedroom with sloping walls on either side, papered in wide white and gold-dim stripes. Later, it was she who gave the scream.’

The house was the centre of Bishop’s universe until October, 1917, when she was taken to Worcester, MA, by her paternal grandparents. The removal resulted in serious illness. Bishop was sent to recover and live with one of her maternal aunts in Revere, MA. In 1919 her family brought her back to the village and this house, and she returned every year, usually for long summer vacations, until she entered Vassar College in 1930.”

-Elizabeth Bishop’s Great Village – A Self-Guided Tour

This residency is open to both established and emerging artists in all disciplines: visual art (any medium), writers (any genre), musicians (any style), performing artists, cultural researchers and curators.

During this residency, it is required that the artist meet once with the community to talk about his or her work. This could also include a workshop. This event will be coordinated with the EB House Committee of the Preservation Society.

Applications should include:

  1. A brief professional curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages)
  2. A plan for your residency at the EB House (max. 2 pages)
  3. A letter of reference
  4. A recent example of your work
  5. Artist’s full address, phone number and email.

Applications must be received by committee by April 15, 2018

“EB House Residency 2018”

Laurie Gunn, 178 Parkwood South, Truro Heights, NS. B6L1P3

or electronically ebishopretreat@


Season’s Greetings

Crédit: Monica Lacey
titre: the light returns
date: 2017
medium: digital composite from original photos
site internet:

Together, we are making a difference.  Since 1958, we have been there for you, the professional artist. CARFAC Maritimes thanks you for your support and during this busy holiday season urges you to reflect on the power of the arts.  Whether supporting your own practice or as a collective, we will continue to work on your behalf.


Wayne Boucher

– September 6, “FIGMENTS”, Opening at Gallery 1919, Halifax, 6 – 8:30 pm,  BOUCHER, BOYKO, IRVING-KENNEDY, LIND, AND PASKINS

– September 15 – 16, Presentation and Workshop, Seaside Art Group, Port Dufferin, NS

– September 30 – October 3, Parrsboro Creative Workshop at Art Lab

– October 1 – 10, Ten Days in October,  “TRIPPING THE LIGHT” at Art Lab, Parrsboro, NS

Call for submissions – Images Rémanentes

Images Rémanentes is launching its call for submissions!

 Deadline : September 29 2017

Images  rémanentes’ objective is the creation of twelve new permanent visual and media works of art that address the history of the francophone artistic scene in southeastern New Brunswick. Each work will emphasize the exceptional contribution of an organization, event or person to the vitality of the milieu.

Images Rémanentes is the result of a collaboration between l’Atelier d’estampe Imago, Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen and Galerie Sans Nom. This project is one of 200 exceptional projects supported by the Canadian Council for the Arts New Chapter Program. With this $ 35-million investment, the Canadian Council for the arts supports the creation and sharing of the arts at the heart of our lives and across Canada. The project is also made possible with the support of the province of New Brunswick.

Michelle Drapeau et Elise Anne LaPlante

commissaires / curators

“Ropeworks” by Violet Rosengarten in the Corridor Gallery September 5 – 28, 2017

(Halifax) Mixed media artist Violet Rosengarten’s vibrant exhibition, Ropeworks, is composed of painted surfaces and painted rope on wood or canvas. These colourful textured reliefs play with the natural way that rope meanders, entangles and coils. Her colour choices refer to sea voyages to other cultures, the warming of the ocean, the colours of shells, corals, and seaweed, the fluorescence of buoys and other aspects of maritime culture. Ropeworks is on view until September 28.

Duo exhibit Susan Tooke & Barbara Gamble, Sivarulrasa Gallery, Ottawa, Ont.

In this fascinating duo exhibition, Sivarulrasa Gallery presents new works by two gifted painters – Ottawa-based artist Barbara Gamble and Halifax-based artist Susan Tooke. Entitled “Backlands,” the exhibition calls attention to pristine or undisturbed habitats; undeveloped land that stands in contrast to developed land.

Barbara Gamble’s landscape paintings are influenced by an interest in natural history, observations of the natural world, and environmental concerns; they are the products of an accumulation of experiences, actions, and meditations on nature over many decades. The paintings are inspired by land sites that the artist has visited frequently and herons she has studied in different waterfront habitats. “The heron’s unique and distinctive form, whether static, hunting or in flight offers me a link between land, water and sky,” she states.

Susan Tooke’s landscape paintings focus on the ground beneath our feet. Using a symbolic language, her series of “groundscapes” explore the influence of the elements in the placement of debris – sometimes living organisms, remnants of plant life, water, moisture, rocks, or sand. “I imagine all have life, all are in motion, though each may have a different relationship with time,” she states.  The works pulse with energy, as though we are witnessing existence, movement, and change through the disassembling of time.

Each artist brings her own unique aesthetic to nature, inviting the viewer to consider the beauty and the fragility of the backlands – the “other” space that remains pristine or undisturbed (for now).

Vernissage/Meet the Artists: Saturday Sept 9, 3pm-6pm.

Artists’ Resale Right

In May 2017, Grant McConnell, Past-President of CARFAC National and Bernard Guérin, Executive Director or RAAV attended the World Intellectual Property Organization meeting in Geneva to speak in support of the Artist’s Resale Right.  Here is Grant’s full intervention statement that he presented to the Committee, as well as his report on the WIPO meeting. CARFAC National would like to thank Grant and Bernard for their hard work and dedication to making the case for the Artist’s Resale Right, and its importance to artists in Canada and around the world.

CARFAC is pushing hard for Artists’ Rights to be included in the 2018 Federal Budget! Our ask is that the Federal Budget for 2018 include measures to enshrine the Artist’s Resale Right.

Here is how you can help:
– Read the submission (link to the pre-budget here)
– Book a meeting with your local MP to advocate for ARR!
– No time to meet? Send a letter or e-mail.

Please give us a call in our national office for more information about how to set up meetings or send communications to your Member of Parliament.