ChChChCh – Changes

I often wonder if I am the only one who listens to radio while writing and has these serendipitous collisions.  My theme for this Post is about change.  And guess what is playing on the radio?  David Bowie’s Changes and I’m flummoxed again. “Time may change me, but I can’t change time.”

As I recently went through my annual, winter process of clearing out the old and welcoming the new, I came to realize that I have neglected to introduce myself to you properly. So by way of introduction, I am Nancy Cole, a contemporary visual textile artist living a happily reclusive existence on the shore near Summerside, PEI.

As Chair, CARFAC Maritimes, my focus is to strengthen our membership. Working together, we can make a difference.  The Maritimes is bursting with incredible artists but sadly, many are compelled to leave in search of a living wage.

We have recently made a big step by appointing our first Executive Director, CARFAC Maritimes.  This is something for us to celebrate.  Anna Rail from Dieppe NB, is a positive and powerful force of nature.  She comes to CARFAC firstly as a volunteer assuming the responsibility for processing memberships and has quickly embraced the responsibilities of Executive Director.   We have a lot to do and I am really excited about working with Anna to move us forward, raising our profile and embracing new members.

CARFAC Maritimes has become an important part of my practice.  Being part of a collective of like minded professionals has given me hope that someday things will change and the Maritimes will embrace artists with fair pay for the valuable work we do.  I actually think this is the start of exciting times for us.  PEI is developing a cultural policy; NB already has developed its policy in 2002 and NS has a cultural and heritage policy but policies need continuous scrutiny and CARFAC Maritimes should be there; lobbying, educating and supporting the professional needs of our artists.  It takes time and patience and our governments are listening.  Public events such as Art in the Open and Nocturne are huge economic boosts and the numbers show that the public wants this stuff.  And the public is the vote. When I discuss the ‘paid by exposure’ mentality to politicians, organizations and the general public, there is a glimmer of understanding that essentially, this isn’t fair.

As for my work as a fellow artist, I don’t maintain a website or participate in social media.  Orwell had a bigger influence than I expected when I first read Animal Farm and 1984. But one must have an online presence so if you would like to see what I do, here is a link.  This will take you into my portfolio folder on dropbox.  If you take a moment to see my work, I invite you to leave a comment on my guestbook file.

Anna will also welcome your comments, questions and suggestions at this email address:

p.s.  my email is just in case you want to chat.