Debbie Brady Photo Art Exhibit

Oyster Art© Fine Art Exhibit

See one-of-a-kind pieces of contemporary art celebrating our famous Malpeque oysters. These abstract pieces reveal an authentic, miniature Island landscape hidden in a small section of shell. The photography exhibit will be held July 31, 4:30–6:30pm at Valley Pearl Oysters. Fittingly, the one-day exhibition coincides with opening day of the 35th Annual Oyster Festival, which pays tribute to the Island’s renowned molluscs that inspired the Oyster Art collection. Unlimited and Limited Edition pieces will be on display as photographic artist Debbie Brady unveils brand new additions to her collection. For anyone who wants to appreciate the journey taken to create these pieces of art, Debbie will be on hand to share her artistic passion and insights. See the current pieces at and be sure not to miss the exhibit to catch the unveiling of new additions to the collection. Intrigued by a piece? You could make it part of your own collection.