EB House Residency (September 2018)

The EB House Committee of the Saint James Church of Great Village Preservation Society is now accepting applications for a two week residency at the EB House from September 16th to September 29th, 2018.

“Bishop’s connection to this house began early in life. One of her first memories was learning to walk in her grandmother’s kitchen. By April 1915 she and her widowed mother, Gertrude Bulmer Bishop, were resident in the village. In this house Bishop experienced the most formative event of her life, the breakdown of her mother in 1916: ‘She stood in the large front bedroom with sloping walls on either side, papered in wide white and gold-dim stripes. Later, it was she who gave the scream.’

The house was the centre of Bishop’s universe until October, 1917, when she was taken to Worcester, MA, by her paternal grandparents. The removal resulted in serious illness. Bishop was sent to recover and live with one of her maternal aunts in Revere, MA. In 1919 her family brought her back to the village and this house, and she returned every year, usually for long summer vacations, until she entered Vassar College in 1930.”

-Elizabeth Bishop’s Great Village – A Self-Guided Tour

This residency is open to both established and emerging artists in all disciplines: visual art (any medium), writers (any genre), musicians (any style), performing artists, cultural researchers and curators.

During this residency, it is required that the artist meet once with the community to talk about his or her work. This could also include a workshop. This event will be coordinated with the EB House Committee of the Preservation Society.

Applications should include:

  1. A brief professional curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages)
  2. A plan for your residency at the EB House (max. 2 pages)
  3. A letter of reference
  4. A recent example of your work
  5. Artist’s full address, phone number and email.

Applications must be received by committee by April 15, 2018

“EB House Residency 2018”

Laurie Gunn, 178 Parkwood South, Truro Heights, NS. B6L1P3

or electronically ebishopretreat@ gmail.com