Georgette Bourgeois

Georgette Bourgeois was born and grew up in downtown Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Her father, Thomas Bourgeois, was a professional photographer. Her mother, Anna (Bourque) Bourgeois, was a visual artist as well as a pianist. Both of them gave her a passion for the arts; her mother was her first teacher. Georgette’s maternal grand-parents, with whom the family lived, helped her understand the collective past of Acadia. Their social involvement has had a substantial influence on the subject matter Bourgeois chooses to paint.

Georgette Bourgeois’ work which is mainly figurative reflects her interest for the history and evolution of Acadia. The themes she chooses evoke Acadia, from its beginning, before and after the Deportation of 1755, to the contemporary Acadia which, because of its history, has become international.