Rhonda Barrett

Rhonda is a self-taught artist from Newfoundland, currently living in Nova Scotia, whose experimentation with mediums has brought her to paper collage and the joy that can be found in little bits of paper glued to canvas. The irony of using disposable sources of paper such as newspapers to create lasting artworks is not lost on the artist, but rather, is part of the statement she tries to make about society and our consumerism and lack of connection in general. She works out of her studio in Halifax, NS.

Currently a member of Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS), The Paper Artist Collective (UK), and Art Zone Gallery on Barrington Street, Halifax, NS.

Her work has been seen in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in numerous galleries in Nova Scotia and Montreal, QC. She was also featured in Metro News Halifax and Toronto, January 2017; a large source of Rhonda’s chosen medium of newsprint.

Visit her at wwwe.littlebitsofpaperbigart.com