Susan Tooke to act as spokesperson for visual artists in Canada

Halifax artist Susan Tooke was chosen to be the spokesperson for visual artists in Canada at CARFAC’s annual meeting, held this year in Saskatoon. Tooke takes over from Saskatoon artist Grant McConnell, who has been president of CARFAC since 2011.

“It is now more critical than ever for artists to stand together and work for the right to earn a living wage.” said Tooke.

New faces include Ottawa artist Sanjeev Sivarulrasa as Treasurer and New Brunswick artist Serge V. Richard as the Maritimes’ representative. Artist Ingrid Percy of Corner Brook, Newfoundland becomes Vice-President, and artist Paddy Lamb completes the Executive as Secretary.

About Susan Tooke

Nova Scotian artist Susan Tooke works in painting, media arts and book illustration. She received her formal artistic training from Virginia Commonwealth University and the Master’s of Media Studies program at the New School in New York City.

Chosen for a media arts scholarship by the Centre for Art Tapes (2014-15), she is currently working with sound, video and sensors to create virtual environments based on threatened wilderness spaces.

Susan is a four-time winner of the Lillian Shepherd Award for Excellence in Illustration for her contributions to children’s literature.

Her volunteer work includes Past President of CARFAC Maritimes, board member of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and board member of the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council, an advisory board on arts policy to the Nova Scotia government.

CARFAC is guided by a board made up of regional representatives, and several members at large. The time commitment donated by these artists during their terms constitutes a substantial contribution to CARFAC as a national organization.